Graphic design, web design, advertising.
It’s not worth listing all subtrends of these trends. If you believe your task can be integrated into one (or more) of these and we can be of any help, you are welcome to call, write, come. You will be attended to and in a while a perspicious,well elaborated offer will be provided including the traffic schedule and the project budget. Until that nobody will be able to advise you on either the duration or the cost of the project. There can be no identical projects hence we give no price lists which is natural.

How a project proceeds

The client gives details of his vision of the product he needs, the target he aims to hit and the tasks to be fulfilled. This is the most of his being involved into the project, his further interference will bear rather harm than fruit. We stand on the point the client contacts us being personally unable to cope with it, and if we are working out how to implement it — then we do it to the slightest touch.
We care for money very much but no more than for our business. This is why we neither increase, nor decrease, nor shift, nor add, nor remove, nor underline, nor spin, nor alter fonts just to meet a customer’s request if we find it inappropriate. The project is either wholly accepted or rejected at all.
Quite realizing the fact that a more subjective concept than beauty is non-existant we nevertheless dare to affirm that if the customer has chosen to deal with us we are the final authority to state what is a peachy and what is #@?^. What is more important is that a customer should realize and get along with the fact and this is the case when the project goes easily and smoothly.


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