Designers, copywriters and others have surrounded the consumer from every single side. People craving to sell something (goods, ideas, feelings) are riching us in the most unexpected places. Itís time to use this innovation in the field of sociology, psychology and health. Singularity of the project is in unexpectedly placement of traditional words. Appeals to save life, health and human kindness are very timely beeing on the underwear. They are close to body so a person contacts with them wright before the danger of infection and it is a good place for various slogans. Audience can be quite different. The one who carry the pants, his nearest  person and other people. It depends on the character of the carrier.
Underwear is also functional thing that can answer the purpose and serve as a selfexpression means. The aim of the project is not only to show own wit and resourcefulness but to find non-indifferent people who have possibility to provide the underwear to broad masses.  
So, who has something to say – wear the pants, ladies and gentelments.
The author Masha Ruban. Photographer Sasha Maslov.
Models Sveta Gorelova and Alyona Solomadina.
Great thanks to Oleg Veklenko, Olya Severina, Vladimir Kakurin, Valeriy Galchenko, Masha Norazyan, Illya Pavlov, Nika Kudinova, Tanya Borzunova, Sergey Mishakin, Pavel Makov, Sergey Serov, Oleg Shishkov, Sergey Ruban and those who believed in my pants.


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