On the August 2015 the exhibition «For me to live is Christ» dedicated to Metropolitan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain Anthony of Sourozh, was held at International catholic cultural festival Rimini Meeting

 “Encounter is always joy; it is the moment when people meet face to face, sometimes for a very brief moment, but also forever. The main idea is to represent the Anthony`s life as the story of encounters. The exhibition is constructed around these two words — encounter and turning point — which are evident in the staging that guide through the path made of turns, where spectator come across faces, characters and stories. 

 So, we proposed the design of exhibition space and the catalog that is based on the mix of calligraphy, typography and photography. 

Curators: Aleksandr Filonenko, Konstantin Sigov, Dmitrij Strozev, Adriano dell`Asta, Francesco Braschi, Giovanna Paraviccini.

Design and calligraphy: Oleksii Chekal.

In collaboration with: Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Spiritual Heritage Foundation (Moscow), Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (London), Foundation «Russia Cristiana» (Bergamo).


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