Typographic experiments with texts Lewis Carroll and Daniil Harms. Hand-made paper.
Metal and wooden set of letters. Printing house "Dom Słów" (Lublin, Poland)

The mysterious question of Mad Hatter from «Alice in Wonderland» — «Why is a raven like a writing desk?», 
calligraphy and letterpress printing.

The Prayer before Sleep
March 28, 1931, 7 in the evening

Oh Lord, amid the light of day
I've been overcome by sloth.
Permit me to lie down and sleep, oh Lord,
And, while I slumber, fill me oh Lord
with Thy might.
I desire great knowledge,
but no man and no book shall give me this.
Only Thou shalt enlighten me
by way of my verse.
Awake me strong for the battle with meanings,
Quick-in directing the words,
and diligent in Praise of thy Name
for centuries to come.

Daniil Kharms


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